On March 8 Damascus University  celebrated an academic act to disseminate FREE Project at Damascus University. Looking forward to building the capabilities of Syrian female academic students who pioneered to work in the academic field, an introductory seminar took place at Skills&Career Management Center.

Dr. Abdul Salam Zidan presented an overview of FREE Project and had a very interesting discussion with the attendees about the problems they face in practicing academic work.

At the end of the session the obstacles and recommendations were as follows: 


– Marital status (difficulty in choosing between work and home). 

– Lack of awareness of claiming rights. 

– Marginalization of women in society. 

– Lack of skills (soft skills). 

– Lack of knowledge of electronic programs related to academic work. 


– Review university policies to enhance equity between male and female. 

– Amending the legislative and legal environment for women’s rights. 

– Highlighting success stories of women or academies to highlight their role in society. 

– Focus on women’s entrepreneurship as a career. 

– Training courses for males and females about cases of sexual harassment and the way in which they should be dealt with. 

– Create a policy at the university to address sexual harassment problems 

-Focusing on leadership skill. 

– Awareness of the need to develop competencies and skills during the studying period. 

– Community awareness of the role of women. 

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