FREE project has Remarkable Participation in the CBHE Virtual Fair – Erasmus + in October 2021.

FREE project has performed a remarkable participation at the CBHE Virtual Fair – Erasmus + in October 2021.

The Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) Virtual Fair is an online event aiming to raise awareness on how results of CBHE projects can improve the Higher Education sector in the Partner countries.

Dr. Serene Dalati, Dr. Rida Elias and Dr. Ali Maqousi held an online training workshop entitled “Empowering Female Leadership” within the activities of the FREE project funded by the European Union, at 27 October 2021. The workshop also presented the case of LU and how Dr. Marie Abujaoudeh is working on integrating the Artificial Intelligence in the strategic plan of Center for Gender Equality and Sustainability at LU.

The virtual training workshop was attended by a group of academics and specialists at regional and international levels for Erasmus + capacity building in higher education.