The Lebanese University Launches the Center for Sustainability and Gender Equality


The Lebanese University announces the receiving and installation of the equipment for the new center for Sustainability and Gender Equality established recently at Lebanese University. Despite the series of economic, financial and monetary crisis that Lebanon is witnessing since almost two years, the Lebanese University is challenging the difficulties and is determined to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and assuring its commitment to gender equality and female empowerment. By September 2021, thanks to the cohesion and work of FREE EASMUS Plus project team, the new center of Sustainability and Gender Equality recently established at Lebanese University with the fund and support [...]

The Lebanese University Launches the Center for Sustainability and Gender Equality2021-09-20T14:11:36+02:00

LU Sustainability & Equality Center


The Lebanese University established the “Center for Sustainability and Gender Equality” in the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration, under the agreement signed with the European Union within the Erasmus+ FREE program. The purpose is to strengthen university partnerships in the field of gender equality in the world of business, management and sustainability in the higher education sector.Congratulations to the Lebanese University!The Lebanese University Website:

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