The Equality and Sustainability Centre have four main functions based on a simple functional structure:

  • Providing Learning and Research support for academics, students and researchers who seek scientific and academic support in the topics related to gender equality, female empowerment in business and management and sustainability in higher education.

  • Providing Capacity Building in training services and workshops in the scope of digital, technical, interpersonal and employability skills designed to address the needs of project beneficiaries including students, academics, professional, and trainers. This function also provides professional support associated with curricula integration in university course offering.
  • Providing Psychological Support and counselling services for students and academics subject to discrimination and/or harassment.
  • Providing Dissemination and Communication of the E&S Centre activities and services, for direct and indirect beneficiaries.


A list of the centres that are part of the observatory will be established here and will be linked to the website of each centre in its institution:


This section will publish the Strategic Plans for the Centres at each university, as well as other documents that are affected by these actions, like Policy Papers and/or Gender Equality Plans (GEP) in case they have them or have updated them. This specific documents will be drafted and assessed jointly with the international experts, after the core virtual training is imparted.