The Lebanese University Center of Sustainability and Gender Equality expands its networking circle as an important part of its strategy

LU is connecting with AUF (The Francophone University Agency) to boost efforts and forge relationships with the mission of the center for sustainability and Gender Equality recently established at Lebanese University within the context of ERASMUS Plus FREE Project

Out of 26 applications, LU has been chosen by AUF (The Francophone University Agency) to be a member of an international consortium or 11 universities French-speaking institutions that will work for the achievement of gender equality on their campuses.

The operation of the consortium will be collaborative and participatory, and focused on notions of sharing and pooling. As part of this action co-constructed with the support of UN Women (HeForShe and WEPs), a roadmap of twelve virtual trainings will take place over one year, from June 2021 to June 2022 and will cover the following topics:

–          Gender’s awareness-raising: Professional equality

–          Gender’s awareness-raising:  prevention of gender-based and sexual violence

–          Presentation of

–          Awareness for the development of a gender equality action plan.

The LU team will be represented by Prof. Dr. Selim MEKDESSI and Dr. Marie K. ABOUJAOUDE from ERASMUS Plus FREE team and Dr. Jana BADRAN from the faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The launch event took place on June 29, 2021 followed so far by the two consecutive trainings conducted in September 7 and 10 2021.